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Hiking is my favorite hobby. I am the biggest fan of hiking. When I went to the California for visiting I really enjoyed the hiking there with my brother. We have a lot of fun there. I am sharing with all of you some names of famous places for hiking in California.
Bridge to Nowhere,
Ice House Canyon Trail
Mt. San Jacinto,
Potato Chip Rock on Mt. Woodson
Hiking is a great venture through this we can enjoy lots of places beauty and can have a great time there. This is my favorite passion which I like to do during traveling always. Anyway, I must say all those places which you have mentioned in your post are really new for me. I have never been there and willing to know from you about your favorite one.

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Drue, It is really cool to know that you are a big fan f GHiking. I also like this hobby so much and like to do during my tours to the natural places. Let me share the names of my favorite hiking spots.
Niagara Glen Nature Centre
Haulage Road Trail
Grand Canyon,
Antelope Canyon,
Yosemite National Park,
Yellowstone National Park,

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Well, all of these attractions or place where we can enjoy here a good time of travel experience. I want to say that if I will enjoy here a goo time I wish I will enjoy visiting Mt. San Jacinto, with my buddies. so if anyone has some idea about this location or personal experience of share with me. Have any kind of images Mt. San Jacinto, so share with me.
Well, here about the Mt. San Jacinto best thing all of you guys have shared here. I must say that it is located in California and we all know that California has many beautiful and bets attractions. so sure in future Iw ill go there for enjoying my time of fun and also enjoy here my best summer days with buddies. Do I want to know that whats your experience about Ice House Canyon Trail?

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Drue, I am also a hiking lover and now added these all places to my travel cart which you mentioned in your post. I hope that i will get chance for enjoying hiking toward of them as well as very soon. By the way, do you like to tell me some massive detail about Ice House Canyon Trail? I am thinking to start my travel from this one.

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