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Hi from Eugenie!
Hi, all members.  Eugenie is here. I have recently joined this great forum and really happy after this I really sure about that it would be something really best and informative for me to participate in this. I am a traveler and want to get and share a lot of stuff about places and my experiences, so I really hope that it will work.
Hello, Eugenie, It si good to see a newcomer here and will say you welcome on the board. I am hopeful you will find it relly interesting and like to share your travel experience with all the members. Well, This is good that you have enough interest in traveling so let me now which kind of places are your favorites and why you like travel so much?
Hi guys, being a member of this community, I would like to say all warmly welcome here. I am so sure we will have a great time here. Anyway, I am happy to know that both of you traveling freak and would like to explore charming and exciting views of the world. I also want to know something about his favorite places.

I am going to take bus tours from new york to niagara falls.
Its really good to see that your all welcome posts. I really love the way of welcome of new comers which gives a confidence to him to participate in thsi in a great spirtit which is really a good thing.
Well, Alaya! My most favorite places are NYC, Paris, Bora Bora, Fiji,Costa Rica, Niagara falls and many more other as well.

new york to niagara tours would be really best to have great kind of fun.
Really good to know that you have shared your favorite places with all of us. I really like this and would like to talk about Fiji. Actually this is a new places for me and I have never visited in my life. I really wanna know from you something about its features. Would you like to share with with all?
Allaya ! Fiji, a country in the South Pacific, and the home of more than 300 islands. It is really best known for its landscapes, palm-lined beaches and coral reefs with clear lagoons. It is a best kind of place for all nature lobvers.
[Image: Bay%20of%20Islands%20Cruising.jpg?itok=7WpeBAZG]
I am sure that you all will like to explore this place.
Hi, Eugenie, What a cool view you have shared with all of us of Fiji, I like this a lot but never to be there in my life. This is a quite new place for me. Honestly, its really attracts me and forcing me to go there at least once. So let me know the complete address of this place along with some detail of this place. I am looking for your reply.
Dwalin! Fiji is a Country in Oceania. it is the great kind of spot in the earth. I just so much sure that it would be really making for you all to be around the because this one is really the best place to enjoy great resorts and beautiful landscapes.
Eugenie! first of all, I will say you welcome to this board and I am happy to see that you also take interest in travelling like as us. Now I assure you that you will spend a good time with us. Now as you are talking about Fiji so I will say that you are absolutely right Fiji is the most beautiful Country in Oceania. I also love this country. Now you share the names of those places which are your favourite in this country?

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