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Keen to know!
I just heard the name of Jumeirah Beach but have no experience about it in my whole traveling life. Johsaf! You shard very useful information about this beach. After reading the views about this destination I want to go there soon and want to spend a memorable time there. I am sure about this journey it will be memorable for me.                 

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Jumeirah Beach is a well-known destination for the travelers which is located in the Jumeirah district of Dubai. It is a white sand beach and consists on the long area which is perfect to enjoy the activities and spend the free time to make that exciting. My one friend has recently visited there and told me all about this. In fact, he also suggested me to be there soon as soon as possible and make my travel time fantatic.
Jumeirah Beach is really a lovely area to visit in Dubai. I am a big lover of this as I have been there a few time ago with my brother and had such a fantastic time. Here are some images which I captured there,
[Image: 96759167.jpg]
[Image: HI350163438.jpg]
[Image: jumeirah-beach-with-burj.jpg]
[Image: 5-gifs-that-make-you-want-to-travel5.gif]

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