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Paris is just like my love and dream. This is one of from my favorite destinations and would like to go there again and again. It's charming attractions appeal me a lot and I am dying to go there. Especially, Eiffel tower is an outstanding place which I like to explore and wanna spend there my free time. What will you like to say about this?
Paris is a city to travel around its fun places as you listed up few names here. I love this city and would like to say it will be a fun way to be around it and see lots of fun. I hope will be a cool way to spend some time for all others to see fun places and enjoy the night views of Eiffel tower that seems more beautiful due to lights at night.
Alaya! Totally agree with you on that point that the Paris would really the best destination as to explore. I love also love with this and really sure about that it would be something really best for me also to go there in coming up days to spend my new year at there. so what say about this plan?
Wow, Guys, I am going to say that you all are having really nice conversation here about Paris. It is one of the best cities in the world and called the heart of France due to its well-known tourism and mind-blowing attractions. I am one of ist biggest lovers who like to be there nad have fun while losting in its beauty and making the time memorable on it stunning landmarks.
Paris is the most romantic place but I have never been there.
I love your word Alvera, it's so nice Smile
St Jong, First of all, It is really nice for me to know that you liked my words about the Paris. It is an absolutely delicate destination as I have no more words to describe it.
Secondly, It is bit bad to know that you have never been to Paris till yet. I think you must try to go there at leat once because it is best to go with partner and have special time together.
Paris is my heart touching place and would like to go there again and again. I have explored this fascinating place time with my mates and had a great time. It's charming attractions always appeals me a lot and I am dying to go there at evening. Anyhow, what exciting you have a plan to do there?
All of you guys drop niece sort of views about this lovely destination. I love this and would love to go ahead for it after mine chicago new years countdown to see more around in France that is on my bucket list to see in 2017. I hope will be a fun thing to try for me. Do you love to say anything hidden to see in Paris that is worth seeing?
Jack-Stoker, It is good that you are going to enjoy a tour of Paris in the next year and surely that will be a fun time for you. Here, I will like to suggest you the names of hidden places in the area and hopefully that will be fun for you. The names are,
Museum of the History of Medicine
Père Lachaise Cemetery
Shakespeare and Company
Historic theaters
Brazilian nightclubs
Yeah, a buddy in Paris lots of hidden attractions which I really like to explore while mine visit and had a great time there always with my mates. Here I am going to share some names of attractions which I like to explore.
House of Nicolas Flamel
The Gravestone Courtyard
Museum of Vampires and Legendary Creatures
Shakespeare and Company
Catacombes de Paris
These are my favorite attraction.

My sister going to take tours from los angelesto las vegas.

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