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Allaya is here
Hi, all I am Allaya and I am from Paris. I am a new member here and I have recently joined this forum. TAcrually this forum has referred me , my sister. She said being a traveler this would be the perfect choice for you like all others. So now share with me anyone interesting in traveling?
Allaya! I would really like to say you warmly welcome here being a member of this forum. I am also new here and really sure about that it would be something really best for me also to be a part of this great forum. Like you I am also a traveler and love to talk about traveling.
Allaya , Welcome to this board and hope so will be a fun way to talk with all of us. As this forum is all about travel then surely to see your post regarding travel destinations will remain a cool way to know more about your and your interests. So make quick replies and let me know dude which sort of places you love to explore during your travel time?
Hello, Allaya, Welcome to you on the board. I am also new here and my name is Alvera. I am from the USA. I have joined this board because I found it relly informative for me as there is a lot of stuff regarding travel and other topics to read and have an increment in knowledge. Why you have joined the board? will you like to tell us?
Hi, all I am happy to know that all of you have welcomed me here. I am very glad to see your posts and would like to say that guy, I have joined this community due to some reasons because I wanna expand my friend list and the second is that for getting some information about traveling points. Anyway, I will see your more replies after bus tours from new york to niagara falls.
Allaya ! It's so much good to see that you are really like the welcome posts. It's really good and an appreciative thing for all new comers, I am sure that you will have the best time here with all. well you tour seems really great must share something more about it after completing and come back from it.
Eugenie Offline I am back fro this tour and would like to add here that was a great thing for me for enjoying. While this had explored Niagara Falls,
Watkins Glen State Park
and Corning Glass Museum
and optional attractions was added too in this tour. Simply that was superb from all side.
Allaya! truly said that you had explored a great kind of attractions, Niagara Falls, Watkins Glen State Park and Corning Glass Museum are the best places to enjoy the fabulous time with mates. well what kind of activities that you had enjoyed at these places, do you like to share with me here?
Well, guys would like to say that all those places which have shared above are quite amazing and unique from each other. I really like them and would like to talk about my favorite one that is Watkins Glen State Park. I really like this place natural views and would like to enjoy there, hiking, camping, photography, and nature viewing. Let me know have you ever been there in your life?

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